Silent Warriors

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Hello we are working on our clan website!
I want to clarify our clans aim, purpose why it has been started and where do we want to arrive together. The Reason why it has been started: It was just the Desire of having a clan where we can feel "Home" where each member is a Friend. In Pop:Re community we often play Bad/dirty/lagging/boring/quitting games, people join in lobby but there aren't active players or there are players who are no Fun leading to long and bored hours until u get a game. SW members will have less of those problems:
1.We are Active.
2.We have members of all skill levels.
3.Our members must play according to the rules, securing Good Games.
4.Clan Members will play together, securing more games per the same time spend in mm and no boring waiting time.
5.We play vs strong clans and other skilled players improving by each game.
and that’s our objective, to make Populous playing more fun while we grow together to Pros.


In May-2011 Arbrim opened SW. He asked all his friends to join including BigBang, Royal_Pain, SamerFW, Barricade, Ano-pop, HydraHzz, Joaprg, Evolution and TheDarkAngle. Seeing all the friendly players and the activity SW had, many players wanted to join, Making SW the second most active clan in just the half month of May. Just days later Arbrim had difficulties with his internet connection and went for Months of inactivity, In order to keep the clan going he made his cousin admin (TheDarkAngle), who was inactive for months and just started to get some skill. read more...

Word of Wisdom!

These words are taken from a topic we had in our forum!
"Winners prove. Losers learn." ~[SW]TheDarkAngle
"Being happy doesn't mean that everything is perfect. It means that you've decided to look beyond the imperfections." ~[SW]RoyalPain
"Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience." ~[SW]RoyalPain